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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 16:25:43 +0000 From: matt howe Subject: Randy-Oh-YesThis story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. If you are under 18 baby fitness model or 21 respective nude model pre of where you live please do not read. Thank you! Randy Orton and John Cena walked down the narrow corridor towards the dressing room." Good match man!" Randy model nonnude teen teeniemodeling said patting john on the shoulder in an almost patronising way."Thanks dude" John replied," but you were awesome, you kicked my ass!"."Haha.. vietnamese models I didn't wana say but your right" Randy joked his walk turning into a strut ."Shut up you ass!" John said with a smile." I'm nn models pics only messing with you man... Hey you fancy a prteen model nonudegallery few beers in my sandra superchild model dressing room, don't really fancy going straight home?" Randy enquired;. John nodding in reply.Randy and John come to the door of Randy's child flower models room"sit down I'll get you a beer!" Randy instructed.John surveyed the room he'd seen many times before, a model nude oriental bit empty, maybe even clinical, only the dark brown leather sofas (two at a right angle to each other) a small coffee table placed cnc turning models in the spacer between the sofas, a small clothes pearl porn model rail(well he didn't wear much to wrestle) and a sizeable mirror."vain bastard!" John thought" Here amateur brunette models you go man!" Randy said extending adult model xxx his hand to John clutching the cold bottle."Thanks!...that's good!" Pulling his lips from the bottle neck, expressing his gratitude.After sitting and chatting a while over a couple of drinks John auslowe model accessories thought of a way to get his own back at Randy"Hey why don't we play a drinking game... come on it'll be fun, we`ll play poker , loser takes a shot can`t get fairer than that!" John with his college reputation of petite asian models being able to drink anyone under the table and his skill at poker was sure of 15yo ls model his victory in this at least."ok if you insist but I'm a pretty mean player man, but what the hell its all fun!" Randy half-chuckling at the prospect of beating John twice in one day .After winning hand after hand Randy announced "Jus model ls megan gonna' pantie models tgp go for a piss man, back in a minute!""UHHHH!" John moaned in response."Hey modeling child upskirt man another game?" Randy asked returning to the room, No response, nudging him to get his attention. "John...John...ha passed out what a pussy"Slumping nude swmodels down on the sofa next to John, Randy looked around the room contemplating what he could do to liliana blonde model entertain himself now John had passed out. Looking around the nearly bare room Randy caught sight of John's frame sloughed in the seat next to him, he found himself looking over John's hard body clothed in only his trademark jean-shorts and young model facial the teen model blue white underwear jutting from underneath.Randy looking at John reached out and grabbed John's huge bicep giving it a gentle squeeze. Randy had always yound teen models admired John's body, sometimes he wished he was more bulky and toned , buy he liked his body the way it was, truth be told he thought japanese lesbian models he was pretty hot... Well more than pretty.Randy releasing nude modelling his grip on John's arm moved his hand over to child models naked Johns chest grasping at the massive pecs of John anorexic french model Cena, lightly flicking his thumb over the left nipple, slowly lowering his hand making sure to feel every ripple the hard muscle he was feeling made in the skin.His fingers brushing over John's gay modelos porn taught stomach, Randy leaned back, abit shocked russian masha model as to why he was so closely obsessed with the jays models body of another man. Putting it nudist modelling down to natural curiosity and the admiration for gibson guitars models the cut body John had worked his whole life to achieve, Randy explained naturist teen models away his actions until he noticed the very sizable bulge that had formed ls model laika in his post match sweats."What the hell... I'm not a fag... must indian modeling sex be kitchen model pictures the drink it always gets me proper horned up... that's what must be, id fuck anything when I`m wasted, yeah that's it!" Randy went over in his mind trying to reassure himself, but looking back over to John noticing a tenting in his shorts."Dirty bastard must be having a sex dream!" Noticing his near obsession with John's rapidly hardening cock, Randy dragged his eyes away fixing on the floor."I'm not gay what the fucks going on, I'm not into bikini scam models guys... I wonder how big he is? WHERE THE DID THAT COME FROM???... what the fucks happening?... maybe I could just ukrainian vladmodels models model lia naked have a brazil teenage models quick look, its natural for guys 9 y.o. models to wanna compare and he'd never know he's out of it!" talking himself into it Randy grabbed the bottle of tequila John and he been using for the poker game, taking a mouthful then another and another." John? John? JOHN?" shouting the last time to make sure John was really passed out, but no response.Randy returned his hand to nude models boating John's body. caressing every inch moving steadily lower and lower till his fingertips graze the nude gymnastic model waistband of Johns fitted white underwear, unable to pull away his hand moved over the rough denim material encasing John's trixie teen model swollen cock trying to feel as much as possible telling himself it was to compare their dick sizes."cant tell properly through these!" fumbling with the zip on John's shorts not getting a proper grip sliding on the beautiful black models floor in between John's legs using both hands to unzip and pull the shorts down around Johns ankles.looking up to the sight in front of him Randy's cock throbbed uncontrollably just gazing on John's cock clearly outlined young candid models within the skin tight material protecting it, his amazing body sprawled out in front of him, he couldn't believe it there was John Cena in just his underwear with a rock hard ls child models cock passed out in front of him, and he was so unbelievably fucking horny at the sight. He wanted to touch every part of him japanese model schoolgirls from his huge arms and chest down over his powerful chest, enormous legs and more than anything he wanted to feel his huge cock, his manly finger wrapped around the shaft, hot throbbing under his grasp. Slowly running his hands up John's inner thigh over his smooth skin till the tips of his fingers meet the stretched white fabric of the skin tight boxer briefs, taking a deep breath Randy's hand moved over bikini hot models John's large balls and further to his hard shaft lightly supermodel sex galleries stroking up and down through the material, he could see that the it grew at his bethal young model touch. Randy lowered his head to John's crotch licking the length of the dick in front of him taking in model no nude the masculine scent as he did.Curling his fingers around the elastic waistband of John's underwear slowly peeling the skin tights off over his round firm ass cheeks, John's now rock hard cock slapping against his abs after being freed from their material prison., over his huge thighs and down to his missy model xxx ankles. Randy wastes no time grabbing John's cock, 9 inches of thick cut man meat. He watch his hand pull down over the smooth shiny head, leaking pre-cum down the soft skin of the shaft. He could filipinas bikini models feel the pulsing of the veins under his touch, his own cock now almost bursting out 15yo model bikini of his sweatpants as he quickened the pumping of ls model pedo John's impressive dick. Randy watched his arm virtual models teen flexing with every jerk he used to pleasure young star models John finding it strangely erotic, while wondering what John's massive guns would look like jacking Randy off. Randy lowered his head to John's huge nude lady model balls flicking is tongue across the sxandra model smooth skin, then taking one in his mouth while jacking John's cock.Taking another mouthful of tequila the taste of John mixing creating a strange taste only turning him on even more. Tossing the empty bottle aside Randy began his assault on the cock before him, first kissing the head savouring the taste of the pre-cum that coated his lips. He licked the entire surface modell sex hardcore of the large purple nordic teen models head wrapping lesbian models movies hid tongue around every contour, finally taking the tip of the cock into his mouth. He instantly wanted more, forcing inch after inch into his mouth he could feel top models boobs models eighteen nonude the throbbing young model jana in his throat and he loved it. For jane teen model a moment he started cuties models angels to gag but there was no way he was going to stop until all of John's beautiful fat cock was in his hungry salivating mouth. As he took the whole of John's cock Randy wrapped his arms bella kid model around John's muscular thigh legal model galleries to stop himself pulling off until the he adjusted to the little model asian cock in his mouth. After a couple of petite amature models minutes of adjustment Randy pulled his ffa models head up his moist lips tight sliding teen modeles agency up over the smooth skin of the shaft and back down building a steady rhythm.Randy slightly pulled John off the sofa exposing his ass, reaching round grabbing at both cheeks moulding them with his fingers ranchi models galleries grasping them harder trying to feel ls models childrens more of the meaty flesh in his hands as his mouth continued its assault of John's cock. Randy could taste more and more pre-cum he knew John was close, he pulled off and began pumping his dick hard and fast his tongue flickering rapid over the head. He felt John's body tense putting his mouth over John's cock as it shot its load into the back of Randy's throat, over his face and mouth and covering his mellissa model hand his cock still shooting young swimsiut models Randy trying to take as much cum as he can until John's cock was spent.Looking over preeteen polish models John Cena's sweaty spent body, licking his lips tasting pteteen nude models more cum Randy reached down for his own neglected cock, rubbing himself through his sweats taking in the scene before him. Standing Randy pulls down his sweats and wrestling trunks in one go freeing his cock at last, almost painful from being so hard. Taking it in his hand he starts working his 9inch beast, asian boy modelscom John's cum acting as a lubricant, nude chid models helping Randy's strong hand easily stroke up and down his pulsating shaft. Randy focused on John as he jacked his cock he knew he couldn't last long he'd never been so turned on. He could feel John's foyer models australia cum all over his hand and a drop rolling down his cheek. Beads of sweat running down his muscular back across the smooth bronzed surface of his skin over his hard round hungarian models topless clenched ass cheeks and down his sculpted evie model galleries thighs. He watched John's breathing his huge chest rising and falling, his eyes concentrating on every aspect of John's powerful perfect body, his face, his famous chest, arms, legs and the angelina mmmodel cock he'd model topless 16 just sucke..."AHHHHHHHHHH...2 a rope of vlad models naked cum squirts from Randy's cock landing on John's pec. " OH GOD, OH FUCK...YESSSSS!" Randy's cum covering John's chest and abs until his balls were empty. "fuck that's hot!" Randy commented on model kds girls the mess he'd made on John before dropping to his knees in between John's legs watching czech bikini model his cum roll down models teen toplist John's incredible body."I'd best clean little ladys model this up before he comes around!" Randy thought to himself about to get something to wipe it up then he had a better idea he started to lick his own cum off of John home nude models the taste of pakistani female models John's sweat and his own cum surprisingly enjoyable. Randy licked every inch of his chest and abs clean only the glistening of Randy's saliva remained.After dressing John, Randy mused " he'll never know!"As he stood Randy realised he latina model calendars was still semi-hard helen models looking to John he bent over slightly brushing the tip of his cock over John's full lips coating them with his cum. Snapping his sweats back up Randy turned falling fasion model bikini on the other sofa and drifted off to sleep.This is my first story and I would appreciate any feedback positive bikini swimsuit models or negative, my e-mail is Thanks.
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